Wednesday, January 12, 2011

experiment #9 - 1/11/11 with Chef Joshua Marcus, Chow Down Grill

Many thanks to the 32 guinea pigs who squeezed their way into Chow Down Grill last night for what we called "experiment #9," but is actually #11 of our Cobaya dinners if you count Cobaya Gras and Podzilla (and you should). Chef Joshua Marcus and his crew really did it up right, bringing diners in through an unmarked alleyway, and providing live music between the ten courses we were served. It's always a real pleasure to work with chefs who "get" what we're trying to do, and I think Josh really got it.

Giant Oyster with Habañero Pickled Cauliflower

All of my pictures from the dinner are here in this Cobaya 1.11.11 Flickr set, and a recap is up on Food For Thought. If you've got pictures or comments I'm glad to link to them here. Update: here's a recap at Tinkering with Dinner and more pictures from Mango & Lime.

Here's the menu (click on each item to see the picture):

Sunday, January 2, 2011

experiment #9 - 1/11/11

Good morning and Happy New Year, guinea pigs. It's time for the first Cobaya experiment of 2011.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 (1/11/11). Start time will be 9pm. Price will be $75, all inclusive. Beer and wine will be available for purchase or you may BYOB.

The drill is the same as always: please send an email to request seats, and let me know how many you're requesting (use the "Contact the Underground" link to the right). By Wednesday Jan. 5 you will be advised if the request has been confirmed. We have limited seating and while we try to accomodate everyone who is interested, that is usually not possible - most events are filled very quickly.

Seating will be limited. We will need to initially limit seat requests to 2 per person; if you want more seats, let me know and we will be keeping a "wish list." We will also hold 4 seats for a "lottery," to be conducted on Friday Jan. 7, for those folks who do not compulsively check their emails.

When your seat request has been confirmed, please book it using the PayPal link which will be set up here on the Cobaya website. Please do not book unless and until you've received a confirmation. When you do receive the confirmation, please book your seats through PayPal promptly, as we are working on a tight schedule and will start filling waitlist seats on Friday Jan. 7.

A brief, but important, refresher course on the whole Cobaya thing: there is no "menu". There are no choices. You'll be eating what the chef chooses to make for the night. If you have food related allergies, strict dietary requirements, religious restrictions; are salt sensitive, vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan; don't like your meat cooked medium rare, or are pregnant: this meal is probably not for you. Do not expect white-glove service. Don't ask for your sauce on the side. Just come and enjoy.

Confirmed and paid-up attendees will receive an e-mail on Sunday Jan. 9, confirming the location and other details.

As always, thank you for your interest.


Cobaya 1-11-11 Dinner:

How Many?