Monday, November 30, 2009

underground dinner experiment #3 - 12/17

It's happening again. The next Cobaya dinner will be Thursday, December 17. Chef, theme, location all to be disclosed later (trust me, it'll be good). Price will be $75 + tax. Limited seating, Please email me directly (the link is over on the right side over there, where it says "contact the underground") to request seats (let me know how many). Like last time, once reservations have been confirmed I will be setting up a PayPal link for confirmed RSVPs. Thanks for your interest, looking forward to another great dinner with the guinea pigs.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

PH2 Art/Dining Events - "Black Friday" Tix

Happy Thanksgiving, guinea pigs. Among many other things, here's another to be thankful for:

I've posted earlier on the Art/Dining series of events at PH2 coming up on Art Basel weekend. There are still some tickets remaining for the Friday and Saturday dinners and the Sunday brunch, and the PH2 folks are extending a "Black Friday" discount to Cobaya members: $100 off the dinner tix (for a net price of $100) and $25 off the Sunday brunch (for a net price of $50). For more information and the discounts codes, check this Cobaya Google Group thread.

Edited to add: I just came across this feature in the Miami Herald on Stephen Gamson, the "artist in residence" for the Friday night dinner.

Updated to add: My recap of the "Paradigm Redux" dinner put together Friday night by Chefs Kurtis Jantz and Chad Galiano can be found here at Food For Thought. Their full menu:

Stick Figure Anticuchos
grilled baby octopus, green tabasco, lemon, boscoli olive sauce
Fried chicken liver, aji panca tartar, cajun cancha corn

2 Tails ... Surf n Turf
oxtail meat pie, pepper jelly, green bean-lobster salad, micro-corn cake, jester vinegar and oil

Frod's Shimp Dickles
honey mustard, brussels slaw, cheese-its

45°C tartare, 64°C egg yolk, caper salt, parsley, onion, "whas dis here" sauce

The Golden Egg
oeuf truffle

Pork Belly
inca-pi glaze, whipped spiced banana glaze, cilantro cocoa kettle corn, yogurt spheres, white chocolate powder

delicioso! crisp meringue napoleon, sugar globe, dulce de leche gelato

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

P.I.G. Aftermath


We had a nice turnout of "Very Important Pigs" for an early tasting of the P.I.G. (Pork Is Good) fest by Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog this past Sunday at Harvey's By The Bay, east of Biscayne Boulevard off 64th Street.

There's already a couple good recaps up from Tinkering With Dinner and Jean-Marc (nice headshot of the pig there). I'll be getting mine up soon Mine are now up at Food For Thought. There seemed to be plenty of people taking pictures and notes, so if you've posted something please let me know and I'm happy to link to it.

The full lineup:

Moonshine & Black Cherry Cocktail
Southern Style Char Siu Bao
Pork Belly Cuban Sandwiches
Banh Mi Style Trotter Tacos
Home-made Hot Dogs
Caja China Roasted Pork with Sweet Potato Flan

Thursday, November 19, 2009


A few things of note:

- the "VIP" Passes for P.I.G. [Pork Is Good] pigfest with Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog are sold out. All comers are still welcome after 3pm for a la carte pig and partying at Harvey's By the Bay at 6445 NE 7th Ave. (off 64th Street east of Biscayne Boulevard) this Sunday, November 22.

- Tickets are still available from PH2 for their series of Art/Dining events during Art Basel weekend (click on the link to purchase). There are some interesting insights on the creative process of pairing food to art from one of the chefs here on his blog. The Friday dinner is a good chance to experience one of the "Paradigm" dinners from Chefs Kurtis Jantz and Chad Galiano, while Saturday features Chef Alberto Cabrera, and Chef Jeremiah will be putting on a Sunday brunch. Cobaya members get a $50 discount on all but the Sunday brunch tickets. More information available at the Cobaya message board.

- Hold the date: December 17 for the next Cobaya dinner. More info to follow.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Eat Basel

Our hosts for the last Cobaya dinner, The Factory Interactive, have organized a series of art-meets-food events over Art Basel weekend.

The Thursday event is already fulled booked. Friday night features chefs Kurtis Jantz and Chad Galiano, the chefs responsible for the Paradigm dinners, and the art of Stephen Gamson. Saturday night features chef Alberto Cabrera and artist Alejandro Mendoza. The festivities will finish with a Sunday brunch by chef Jeremiah Bullfrog, who cooked up the most recent Cobaya dinner, with art from Claudio Picasso (I'd swear I've heard both those names before).

For more information on the PH2 Art | Dining series, go to their site. Fellow guinea pigs can take advantage of discounted tickets for the Friday and Saturday (before they sell out!); check the Cobaya group message board for details.

Friday, November 6, 2009

P.I.G. [Pork Is Good] VIP Passes


Want to play some "PIG"? As noted yesterday, PIG - [Pork Is Good], an ode to the porcine by Chef Jeremiah Bullfog, will be happening Sunday November 22 at Harvey's By the Bay (American Legion Hall), 6445 NE 7th Ave. (off 64th Street east of Biscayne Boulevard).

Chef is going to be doing 4-5 "Iron Chef" style pork dishes, plus roasting several whole pigs in a caja china. You can get "VIP" ("Very Important Pig") preview tickets here for $35 which will get early admission at 2pm, a sampling of each of the dishes, plus carvings from the first pig (and then more until it runs out). Then after 3pm, anyone who comes can have what they like, with affordable "a la carte" prices and combo deals for multiple items. As many as want to come are welcome, there will be food until it runs out, good music, and the Harvey's bar will be open.

Buy a "VIP" Pass here:

[edited 11/19/09 to add: sorry, VIP passes are sold out! But you can still come after 3pm and get pig samplings a la carte]

Thursday, November 5, 2009

PIG for the Guinea Pigs


For those who missed the second-night Chef Jeremiah pig-fest, take note: PIG - [Pork Is Good], an ode to the porcine, will be happening Sunday November 22 at Harvey's By the Bay (American Legion Hall), 6445 NE 7th Ave. (off 64th Street east of Biscayne Boulevard). More information to follow, including VIP (Very Important Pig) preview tix.