Saturday, January 14, 2017

experiment #68 - Cobaya DK with David Lanster and Kelly Moran

Experiment #68 is in the books! This one felt kind of like a return to our roots: small group (only 18), young chefs (only 19!), cool off-campus venue (a penthouse loft overlooking the Biscayne Boulevard MiMo District). In the kitchen were aspiring young chefs David Lanster and Kelly Moran, a/k/a DK Culinary Ventures, and here's their menu for the evening (you can see all the pictures from the dinner in this Cobaya DK flickr set, or click on the links in the menu below; plus stay tuned for recaps at Food For Thought and The Chowfather):


goat cheese gelato | rye crumble

blueberry | pickle | sesame

youthberry | pumpernickel | basil

pullman texas toast | cole slaw terrine | bbq

organic compounds | modified dna

smoked carrot | quail egg


seasonal garnishes

toffee | cinnamon | maple

rooibos | bee pollen

A big thank you to Kelly and David, to their equally young and enthusiastic crew, to Pietro Morelli for providing the beautiful space for the dinner, to Paolo Dal Gallo of Zonin Wines for supplying some excellent pairings, and as always most of all, thanks to the guinea pigs whose interest and support makes these events possible.