Wednesday, February 1, 2012

experiment #22 - School of Cobaya with Chef Michael Bloise

Another experiment completed. This time, Chef Michael Bloise (currently at Sushi Samba Dromo on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach) sent everybody back to school with a "School Lunch" themed dinner. You can read recaps at Food For Thought, The Chowfather, and Blind Tastes, and my pictures are in this School of Cobaya flickr set. It's a shame I didn't get better pictures, as Chef Bloise really did an outstanding job both conceptualizing and executing his theme, right down to the brown bags with a "Love, Mom" note inside. This was a lot of fun.

Here's the menu:

Apple Juice Box
Unfiltered Apple Juice, Vanilla, Acai Vodka

Brown Baggin' It
Lunchables - Rabbit Ham, Truffled Mozz, Manchego-Thyme Crackers

Taco Belly Trio
Lamb, Mint, Blood Orange
Pork, Melon, Nuoc Cham, Thai Basil
Tuna, Butter, Garlic, Soy

The Tray
Country Fried Beef Tongue with Foie Country Gravy
Paiche/Linguica Corn Dog with Kabocha Mustard
Spicy Pork Cheek Empanada with Black Bean Ice Cream
Scallop Tater Tots with Kimchi Ketchup
Vegetable Medley Pudding Cup

Tripe Churros
Berry Cobbler with Tempura Bone Marrow
Panna Cotta Spaghetti

Many thanks to Chef Bloise and all his "cafeteria" crew, and as always, to all of our guinea pigs who make these events possible.