Thursday, March 3, 2011

experiment #10 - CobayIdeas in Food Dinner with Chef Alex Talbot

On February 26, 2011 we were fortunate to have Chef Alex Talbot of Ideas in Food do a dinner out of the gastroPod for 50 guinea pigs at GAB Studio in Wynwood. Here's the menu he put together:

the menu
the menu

Surf and Turf
steak tartare, seaweed mayonnaise, bean sprout batons

Clams in Green Sauce
parsley, coconut, garlic-mustard

Steak and Eggs
beef tendon, onsen egg, culantro

Kimchi Cavatelli
kimchi gravy, torn basil, benton's ham

Twice Cooked Scallop
pumpkin, citron-sriracha, furikake

green mango, rum raisin, lime vinaigrette

Sticky Pork Belly
cream soda, crunchy turnip, charred scallions

Powdered Goat Cheese
strawberry relish

Malted Milk Custard

I've got some pictures up in this flickr set, here's an inside view from Chef Chad Galiano, who helped pitch in during the dinner and a brunch the following day, my own thoughts at Food For Thought, and some from another of our diners.