Thursday, November 26, 2009

PH2 Art/Dining Events - "Black Friday" Tix

Happy Thanksgiving, guinea pigs. Among many other things, here's another to be thankful for:

I've posted earlier on the Art/Dining series of events at PH2 coming up on Art Basel weekend. There are still some tickets remaining for the Friday and Saturday dinners and the Sunday brunch, and the PH2 folks are extending a "Black Friday" discount to Cobaya members: $100 off the dinner tix (for a net price of $100) and $25 off the Sunday brunch (for a net price of $50). For more information and the discounts codes, check this Cobaya Google Group thread.

Edited to add: I just came across this feature in the Miami Herald on Stephen Gamson, the "artist in residence" for the Friday night dinner.

Updated to add: My recap of the "Paradigm Redux" dinner put together Friday night by Chefs Kurtis Jantz and Chad Galiano can be found here at Food For Thought. Their full menu:

Stick Figure Anticuchos
grilled baby octopus, green tabasco, lemon, boscoli olive sauce
Fried chicken liver, aji panca tartar, cajun cancha corn

2 Tails ... Surf n Turf
oxtail meat pie, pepper jelly, green bean-lobster salad, micro-corn cake, jester vinegar and oil

Frod's Shimp Dickles
honey mustard, brussels slaw, cheese-its

45°C tartare, 64°C egg yolk, caper salt, parsley, onion, "whas dis here" sauce

The Golden Egg
oeuf truffle

Pork Belly
inca-pi glaze, whipped spiced banana glaze, cilantro cocoa kettle corn, yogurt spheres, white chocolate powder

delicioso! crisp meringue napoleon, sugar globe, dulce de leche gelato

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