Wednesday, August 24, 2011

experiment #18 - CobaYakkoSan

Many thanks to all of the guinea pigs who joined us at Hiro's Yakko-San last night for Cobaya experiment #18, to Chef Hiro-san and his crew in the kitchen, and to May for being such a gracious host and putting together an intriguing sake pairing. You can see my pictures from the night in this CobaYakkoSan flickr set, with a more detailed recap to follow later at Food For Thought. Here is the menu for the night:

Chamame Edamame
Plum Wine

Tuna, Salmon Sashimi Salad
Crispy Fish Onion Salad
Nigori Sake

Shrimp Spicy Mayo, Fried Oyster
Hitosuji Junmai Sake

Kalbee Yakiniku and Spinach Butter
Akita Junmai Ginjo Sake

Seabass Miso Yaki
Kikuizumi Dai Ginjo Sake

Uni Garlic Pasta
Assorted Maki
Ikina Ona Dai Ginjo

Green Tea and Orange Mochi Ice Cream, Strawberry with Mint Cream
Dessert Pear Sake

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