Monday, November 4, 2013

"Friends of Cobaya" Part 1 - Trufflepalooza 305 11.20.13

Periodically we use our platform here to bring to your attention events that may be of interest to you Guinea Pigs - especially when they involve Cobaya alumni. Here are a couple such events, and a heads-up for a couple more. First:

Trufflepalooza 305!

For years Andrew Carmellini has put on a "Trufflepalooza" dinner at Locanda Verde in New York to celebrate the start of truffle season. When Hurricane Sandy interfered last fall, what started as a proposal to bring those truffles down here to Miami wound up as an excellent Hurricane Sandy Relief Dinner at The Dutch.

This year, barring more hurricanes, we're getting the truffles: Trufflepalooza 305 will be happening Wednesday November 20 at The Dutch. They will be doing something similar to the Locanda Verde Trufflepalooza event in the main dining room: 3 courses (a choice among 2 appetizers, 3 mains & 2 desserts) for $75, excluding tax and tip.

But even better: they will also be doing a Cobaya-style special menu on The Dutch terrace for Cobaya Guinea Pigs. Five courses, a mix of plated and family style dishes, for $110 per person all in (inclusive of tax & tip). Considering what The Dutch did for prior events, you can probably guess which we think is the better deal.

Details on start time for the CobayaTrufflePalooza will follow soon, and suggested wine pairings will be available for purchase at the dinner.

Want in? The answer is "yes." We're selling seats on a first come first serve basis right here, link is below.



With thanks to 5 Diamond Delicacies, The Dutch's partner for Trufflepalooza 305.


  1. Start time will likely be 7 or 7:30, to be confirmed soon.

  2. It's an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to participate in Trufflepalooza with these 'Chef-Celebrities'. Our entire team is looking forward to a Truffle'icious evening for everyone!

    With taste,
    5 Diamond Delicacies