Monday, July 27, 2009

going underground

Something's happening here today ...

Food For Thought and The Chowfather are working on making an "underground dinner club" thing happen here in Miami. Given that it's Miami, "underground" is not so easy to do (we're at sea level and all), but the idea we were both kicking around was to assemble a group of adventurous diners willing to serve as guinea pigs for local chefs looking to try out something new or different.

A first event is already being planned for August 4, a few spots will still be available. More info to follow soon. If interested, start by joining the Miami Chowdown Google Group and you'll soon find your way.


  1. Sounds like a great idea for the cujos cook. Is it true that cuyo tastes like rabbit?

    Burton Dale

  2. I've never tried cuy but it sure looks a lot like a rabbit when it's cooked.

  3. Are you doing any groups in Broward? Just curio. Would love to include something on my site at

  4. BrowardNET - there may be an event coming up in Broward. If and when, it will be announced here.