Sunday, October 10, 2010

Katsuya Does Cobaya

On September 5, Chef Katsuya Fukushima cooked for our "Visiting Dignitary" edition of Cobaya. Chef Katsuya has spent several years in über-chef José Andrés restaurants, including as head chef at Café Atlantico and minibar, and shortly after our dinner made a victorious appearance on Iron Chef America. Chef Douglas Rodriguez was the gracious host, lending us the dining room and kitchen of the now-recently-opened De Rodriguez Ocean in the Hilton Bentley Hotel on South Beach and contributing several dishes as well.

You can read my recap at Food For Thought and see the pictures in this Flickr set. The menu:

Passed Apps:
"Fish n Chips"; Serrano Ham Croquetas with Apple & Curry
Smoked Marlin Tacos; Oyster Shooters

"Ginger Beer" Cocktail

Salmon, Tuna and Tambour Rouge Ceviches

Tomato, Burrata and Uni Salad with Arugula, Rose Petals & Dashi Gelée

Cinnamon Miso Soup with Clams & Sweet Potato

"Loco Moco"
(Wagyu Meatballs with Truffle Gravy, Rice, 63° Egg, Macaroni and Spam Salad)

"Moros y Cristianos"
(House-Made Rice Krispies and Bacon Brittle with Black Bean Ice Cream, Cherry Drizzle)

"Thai Dessert"
(Coconut Sorbet, Peanut Butter Powder, Tamarind, Citrus, Cilantro, Cayenne)

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  1. Those food are so mouthwatering. Very indulging it really looks delicious. :D