Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Experiment #8 - Vino e Olio e Cobaya

Another succesful experiment completed: this time, with Chef Andrea Menichetti of Vino e Olio in the Design District. My photos are up on flickr, with a recap to follow now up at Food for Thought. The menu is listed below. Thanks, as always, to everyone who came out to support Cobaya.

Olive Oil Ravioli

Panino con il Lampredotto
(Sandwich with veal tripe)

Ravioli all' olio extravergine di oliva, capperi e alici serviti su coulis di pomodoro
(Ravioli filled with olive oil, capers, anchovies served with fresh tomato coulis)

Lombetto di coniglio al basilico con cream di finocchi e vinaigrette al balsamico
(Loin of rabbit stuffed with basil, served with a fennel sauce and black truffle vinaigrette)

Animelle di vitello rosolate con asparagi e balsamico
(Sautéed veal sweetbreads served with asparagus)

Agnello agli zampetti
(Lamb chop stuffed with pork, served with broccoli)

Minestrone di frutta e verdure con gelato alla vaniglia
(Fruits and vegetables cold soup served with vanilla ice cream)


  1. Sorry to say but I found this Cobaya menu to be uninspired and bland.

  2. Of course everyone's always welcome to share their thoughts, no need to apologize. Personally, I wouldn't characterize the tripe sandwich, the ravioli or the minestrone dessert as either uninspired or bland. Some of the other dishes, the sweetbreads and the lamb chop particularly, definitely had a certain Tuscan austerity to them. But that literally comes with the territory.