Saturday, September 24, 2011

experiment #19 - CobayaJeremiah with Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog

Another experiment completed, this one with Chef Jeremiah of the gastroPod. You can read a full recap here at Food For Thought and see pictures in this CobayaJeremiah flickr set. The menu:

Fernet Sour
Pickles (Beets with Rosewater Yogurt; Tempura Pickled Okra; Radishes with Ham Chips)
Eggplants Stuffed with Goat Cheese
Green Tomato Chips
Savory Churros with Chinese Sausage Cream
Squid and Pasta
Madeleines with Bone Marrow Butter
Chawan Mushi Carbonara
Sous Vide Endive with Candied Walnut
Uni with Whipped Benton's Ham Fat, Pickled Peach
Escolar with Charred Pickled Peach Gastrique, Bruleed Black Cherry Tomatoes
Lamb Belly with Cauliflower
Sweetbreads with Goat Butter Croutons
Brisket with Black Carrots
Café au Lait
Pistachio Sponge Cake, Lemon Cremeux, Green Apple Sorbet, Greek Yogurt
Petit Fours (Bacon Macarons, Green Apple Marshmallows, Dulce de Leche Crispies)

As always, many thanks to Chef Jeremiah and everyone else who chipped in, and as always to all the guinea pigs who makes these experiments possible.

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