Friday, July 6, 2012

experiment #26 - Cobaya "Dunch" with Chef Micah Edelstein

"Dunch" - a portmanteau of dinner and lunch - is a terrible word. I blame Chowfather for it. For everything else about our late lunch Cobaya on June 24, I thank Chef Micah Edelstein of neMesis Urban Bistro and her small but capable crew. You can read my recap here at Food For Thought, or read the Chowfather's recap, and see all my pictures in this Cobaya "Dunch" flickr set.

Here's the full menu:

Have You Met the Muffin Man?
Vin Santo and Nutmeg Muffin with Mallorcan Raisins, Garam Masala Butter, Allspice and Jackfruit Jam; Lamb Bacon and Caramelized Shallot Muffin, Piri Piri Meringue, Passion Fruit Lavender Mint Jam

Zucchini Currant Pain Perdu
Spicy Duck Sausage, Bleu Sunshine Filling, Hierba Luisa and Moskonfyt Syrup
Chicha Morada Lambrusco Sangria

Bacon Bits
Goat Bacon, Crumpet, Frozen Duck Egg Custard; Rosemary Smoked Lamb Bacon, Potatoes, Minted Yogurt, Pomegranate Syrup

Rabbit Bulgogi
Crispy Rice Cake, Orange Five Spice Hollandaise
Carrot, Orange and Ginger Mimosa

Apple Cognac Gravlax
Apple Jicama Slaw, Fingerling Potatoes, Mascarpone, Mustard and Fennel Dressing
Hierba Luisa Shandy

Tropical Fruit Shortcake
Dragonfruit, Mango, Passion Fruit, Balsamic Must Marinated Peaches, Smoked Whipped Cream
Rooibos and Amarula Tea-uccino

As I said in my recap, many thanks to Micah and her small, hard-working crew; to Matilda for her contagious smile and good cheer; and to all of the guinea pigs who took part in another of our experiments. For those who had already been to neMesis, it was a good reminder of the unique cooking that's going on there; and for those who hadn't been before, I hope they'll go back.

neMesis Urban Bistro
1035 N. Miami Avenue, Miami

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