Wednesday, June 20, 2012

experiment #25 - CobayEdge

Another experiment concluded. Another one your faithful scribe here had to miss on account of work obligations. Another exciting meal I can only experience through others' accounts, which give a pretty glowing recap of the dinner put together by Chef Aaron Brooks of Edge Steak and Bar in the Four Seasons Miami.

One of the things we look for when we put on these events is the chef with talents or interests that may not have a complete outlet in his or her current venue. Edge's steakhouse genre can only get pushed so far, but for our dinner, there are no limits. Chef Brooks has a passion for Southeast Asian food and Riesling wines, and so those were the themes for the night. For recaps and pictures, check these posts at The Chowfather and Blind Tastes.

Here's the menu for the evening:

Fried Clams
Grosset, Polish Hill, Clare Valley Australia 2007

George's Bank Scallops
Soft Tofu, Fried Egg, Pickled Shallots, Baby Cucumber
Brooks, Willamette Valley Oregon 2008

Chilled Mussel Salad
Young Lotus Root, Fire Roasted Peanuts, Mint, Cured Pig's Face, Chili Jam
Spy Valley, Malborough New Zealand 2010

Hot and Sour Soup
Squid Noodles, Fragrant Herbs, Thai Sausage
Blanck Patergarden, Alsace France 2008

Short Rib Cooked in Coconut
Sweet Potato, Snake Bean, Basil
Poet's Leap, Columbia Valley Washington 2007

Grilled Duck
Foie Gras Curry, Heirloom Potatoes, Lychee and Radishes
Joh. Jos. Prum, Kabinett, Mosel Germany 2008

Orange Almond Cake
Mango Fluid Gel, Coconut Sorbet, Black Sesame

Thanks as always to Chef Brooks and all his crew at Edge, and to all of the guinea pigs whose support makes these events possible, including several people who filled in waitlist spots on short notice.

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  1. The grilled duck in foie gras curry is hands-down the best dish I ate in 2012. Way to go Chef Brooks!