Monday, September 10, 2012

the history of cobaya

It was almost exactly three years ago that three guys who knew each other mostly through Chowhound - Chowfather, Blind Mind and Frodnesor - were standing in front of a local restaurant, waiting for the valet to bring our cars around, and started talking about the "underground dinner" phenomenon that we had all been reading about. The conversation quickly turned from "Why isn't this happening in Miami?" to "Why don't we make it happen?" And pretty much like that, Cobaya was born.

Our first dinner was with chef Andrea Curto of the sadly now-closed restaurant Talula on Miami Beach. Since then we've done a total of 26 events over the past three years (the numbering system has been a bit skewed - counting is apparently not a strong suit for certain of us - and it turns out that Experiment #27, which was just concluded, really should have been called Experiment #26; we will try to figure out how to correct the numbering system when the next event is announced, which will be Monday morning). Each time, the guiding principle has remained the same: to get talented chefs to cook great, interesting, creative meals for an audience of adventurous, open-minded diners.

Over at Blind Tastes, BM put together a great summary of "The History of Cobaya" which is definitely worth a read to get a little perspective on what we've been trying to do. And stay tuned tomorrow morning for another event announcement.

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