Wednesday, April 24, 2013

experiment #32 - Cobaya Makoto

Another experiment successfully concluded, this one with Chef Makoto Okuwa of the eponymous Makoto restaurant in Bal Harbour. You can read recaps at The Chowfather and Food for Thought, and see all the pictures in this Cobaya Makoto flickr set.

Here's the menu he put together for us, which was as interesting as it was delicious:

turtle headcheese, hay smoked eggplant, molasses, pickled mustard seed
Echigo Beer

Techili to Iseebi to Kimosoe
blowfish tataki, lobster sashimi, monkfish liver pate, radish, kaiware daikon, yuzu kosho vinaigrette, truffle purée
Shichi Hon Yari Junmai

Sumi Jitate
blowfish, pickled watermelon, shiso leaf, green tea salt

Shabu Shabu
Kobe NY strip, seasonal vegetable, karashi dipping sauce
Domaine Chandon Pinot Meunier

white chocolate cream, Okinawa black sugar cake, soy sauce ice cream, passion fruit
Hou Hous Shu

Thanks to Chef Makoto and all of his team at Makoto who put together such a great meal for us, and as always, thanks to the guinea pigs whose interest and support make these events possible.

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