Wednesday, March 18, 2015

experiment #50 - Cobaya Five 0 with Chefs Jeremiah Bullfrog and Alexander Talbot

Thanks to all of you who helped us celebrate our fiftieth (!) dinner. We had a blast and we hope you did too. To celebrate the big Five 0, we brought back some people who have been a big part of what we've been able to do with this little experiment: chefs Jeremiah Bullfrog of the gastroPod (a veteran of experiment #2/2.5 and #19, plus a helping hand on countless others, ), and H. Alexander Talbot of Ideas in Food (who joined us for #10 almost exactly four years ago), with assists from Kurtis Jantz of the Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles (one of the chefs for Cobaya Gras and also the original inspiration for Cobaya), Steve Santana of Taquiza (who is also part of old Cobaya lore, going back to experiment #2), and Ricardo Torres on desserts.

You'll see some more detailed recaps soon (and probably some reflections and reminiscences on this anniversary of sorts), in the meantime see some pictures in this Cobaya Five 0 flickr set, and in Chowfather's instagram feed. And here's the menu:

a small procession of snacks and such
(cajun kale crisps with pecan aioli; chicken liver preparada; frod's mom's pickled shrimp; pork pop w charred piña salsa; hogfish crudo with sour orange, aji oil, black lava salt and cilantro; orange gel, goat cheese, oregano ancient grain granola creamsicle push pop)

chicken fried shrimp, schmaltz mayo, lemon

dried aged beef chuck tartare, sea truffles, garlic chives

blistered snow peas, salsa verde, woodlands pork coppa

beef tendon, coca cola, tamarind, green papaya

olive pickle octopus, date palms, endive, powdered coconut

gochujang paccheri, aged cheddar, luchito n'duja

roasted pig head pupusas, kimchi curtido, el santana's masa

taleggio, watermelon, radish

purple corn pudding, roasted corn ice cream, fresno relish

soursop mousse, caramelized cashew milk, sorrel

A huge thank you to chefs Jeremiah, Alex, Kurtis, Steve, Ricardo and all the rest of the crew who helped us celebrate 5-0 in style; and as always most of all, to the guinea pigs whose interest and support have made it possible for us to do fifty of these experiments over the past five and a half years.

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