Thursday, July 2, 2015

experiment #54 - Quality Cobaya with Chef Patrick Rebholz

Experiment #54 is in the books! This time around, we spent some time with Chef Patrick Rebholz of Quality Meats on Miami Beach. In a long, second-story room over the restaurant, Chef Rebholz served forty guinea pigs a knock-out meal. Here's a "Quality Cobaya" Storify page with everyone's tweets and pictures; you can also see pictures in this Quality Cobaya flickr set. We'll update when recaps are posted. And here are recaps at Food For Thought and The Chowfather.

Here's the menu from Tuesday's experiment:

Butcher's Roll Charcuterie
(coppa with aerated mozzarella, smoked soppressata with corn bread cream, cured foie gras torchon with malted barley and mint mango gastrique, duck bacon, pork jowl corn dogs, calf liver mousse with pickled ramps, suckling pig coppa di testa, merguez "prosciutto" with preserved lemon, dry-aged beef popcorn)

(with tomato granita and corn custard)

Reuben Cobia Crudo
(with crispy parsnip, fennel sauerkraut, 1000 island dressing, swiss cheese mousse)

(watermelon with jalapeño jelly and mint)

(guinea hen stuffed with suckling pig and foie gras)

General Tso's Pig Brains

(mango lime sorbet with crispy chicken skin)

Long Bone Short Rib Steak
(with bordelaise sauce and pommes purée)

(peaches poached in juniper shrub with labne panna cotta)

QM Crispy Treats Sundae

A big thank you to Chef Rebholz, who really knocked it out of the park, to all of his crew at QM who did a great job all night, and as always most of all, to the guinea pigs whose interest and support make these events possible.

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