Thursday, November 3, 2016

experiment #66 - Cobaya Byblos with Chef Stuart Cameron

Another experiment in the books! Last night for Experiment #66, we paid a visit to Byblos restaurant in Miami Beach, whose head chef, Stuart Cameron, had come down from Toronto to cook a meal for us. It was a good one, faithful to the restaurant's contemporary Middle Eastern theme but still something of a shake-up from the regular menu. (You can see all the pictures in this Cobaya Byblos with Chef Stuart Cameron flickr set). Here's what we had:


Foie Gras, Rose Jam, Cotton Candy, Nuts

First Course:

Crispy Artichokes, Herb Tahini Tarator

Grass Fed Steak Tartare, Argan Oil Aioli, Mint, Red Chili, Crispy Shallot, Barbari Bread

Salmon Nayeh, Jalapeño Dressing, Pickled Radish, Squid Ink Chips, Green Schug

Second Course:

Manti Dumplings, Lobster, Yogurt Sauce, Fennel, Paprika Butter

Swordfish, Chraine Sauce, Persian Lime Powder, Crispy Vine Leaf

Creamed Spinach Pide, Goat Cheese, Toum, Dukkah

Third Course:

Braised Veal Breast, Preserved Lemon, Israeli Couscous

Grilled Broccolini, Tomato Fenugreek Sauce, Crispy Garlic

Mejadra Rice, Lentils, Labneh, Fried Shallots


Middle-Eton Mess: Halva Parfait, Rose Meringue, Yogurt, Sumac and Strawberry Granita, Ajeel Crumb

Strawberry Cheesecake Qatayef, Sumac Strawberry, Honey, Pistachio

A big thank you to Chef Cameron, to all of his crew at Byblos, to Kimberly Nolan and Alexandra Fulton for their assistance in coordinating the dinner, and as always most of all, to the guinea pigs whose interest and support make these events possible.

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