Monday, June 14, 2010

PODZILLA! - Chefs Jeremiah Bullfrog, Kurtis Jantz, Chad Galiano

We had our biggest group of guinea pigs ever (60+) come out for PODZILLA! tonight. The idea, as those who joined us know, was to have a casual, laid-back get-together with some of our former Cobaya chefs, with the culinary theme of the evening being elevated, American (very loosely speaking) street foods.

Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog, who did our second Cobaya dinner, brought out the gastroPod for the event, his mobile 21st century kitchen built into a shiny vintage 1962 Airstream trailer. And Chefs Kurtis Jantz and Chad Galiano, who were responsible for Cobaya Gras, offered their own unique spin on several classics.

The complete menu is listed below. I will follow up with more thoughts later and happily link to anyone else's recap or pictures.


Summer Spritzer
salted watermelon, tomato, tequila

Octo Salpicon
smoked paprika, red onion, lime, tomato

French Quarter Chicken Livers
hot pepper fluid gel, evoo-sea salt crackers

Brine Fried Chicken
Big Mike's potato salad, buttermilk-chicharrone biscuits

Crispy White Corn Cake
poached egg, oxtail gravy, queso cotija, crema

Bánh Mì Tacos
pulled pork in trotter jus, nước chấm, pickled radishes, cilantro salad

'Baha' Fish Taco Salad
50°C swordfish, cabbage, chipotle, tortillas, pico de gallo

Double Decker Slider Burgers
stuffed with bacon and double cheddar sous vide @ 59°C

Mississippi Delta Tamales
cornmeal tamale, tomatillo, tomato ketchup

Root Beer & Bourbon Floats
Zatarain's, lemon, Elijah Craig, vanilla ice cream,
cherry 'on top'

White Chocolate Cupcakes
foie gras butter cream

Many thanks to the chefs, to Chef Mike "Big Basco" Marshall (the fried chicken zen master), Carla, Steve, the incredibly appropriately named DJ Kiko de Gallo who was playing great tunes all night, as well to Shawn at Harvey's by the Bay for graciously providing us with the venue for our dinner, and to his kids, who were helping out nonstop all night (and also ate their weight in fried chicken). I forgot to bring my camera, so instead will subject you to a few more of my goofy "Hipstamatic" iPhone pictures.

Octopus Salpicon
Chef Jeremiah and the Pod
Chef Kurtis Jantz (Chad Galiano grilling chicken livers in background)
This is your brain on a root beer and bourbon float


  1. Great job organizing this concept, glad I 'got in', thanks. Cheers to all the chefs who cooked under sweltering weather!? Really appreciated your innovative experiments, FUN NITE! Neat way to meet folks. I'll post my blog/photos soon.