Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Visiting Dignitary Edition Dinner - September 5

Thanks to the many responses to the "trial balloon" to the Cobaya Gourmet Guinea Pigs group, a "Visiting Dignitary Edition" of our Cobaya dinners will be going forward on Sunday, September 5. More details will follow, but our visiting chef is someone whose name will be well-known to the food-core, who has worked for fifteen years with one of the most well-regarded chefs in the country, and who has been head chef of a restaurant that is on the leading edge of culinary innovation. I'm not usually inclined to such puffery, but I'm pretty excited.

We are going to need to limit requests initially to 2 seats per person, with a "wish list" for additional seats. If you have not already done so, please send an email to request 1 or 2 seats, and any "wish list" requests (use the "contact the underground" link to the right).

Pricing - tentatively - will be $110 per person all inclusive; though that is still subject to final confirmation (if it changes it won't be by much). The dinner will be the evening of Sunday September 5, with a start time likely between 7:30 and 8:00 pm. It will either be BYOB and/or beer & wine will be available for purchase on site. Final details will be confirmed very shortly.

In a few days you will be advised whether the reservation has been confirmed; when you have received a confirmed reservation, please book it using the PayPal link which will be set up on this page (please do not book until you've received a confirmation). There will be a deadline to book, after which unclaimed seats will be rolled over to the waitlist. We also will hold a small group of seats for a "lottery" for the people who do not have a lightning-quick response time on emails. Confirmed and paid-up attendees will receive an e-mail a day or so before the event, confirming the location.

As is customary, here is a brief refresher course on the whole Cobaya thing: there is no "menu". There are no choices. You'll be eating what the chef chooses to make for the night. If you have food related allergies, strict dietary requirements, religious restrictions; are salt sensitive, vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan; don't like your meat cooked medium rare, or are pregnant: this meal is probably not for you. Do not expect white-glove service. Don't ask for your sauce on the side. Just come and enjoy.

Thank you as always for your support.


  1. Viv - last event was September 5, there was nothing scheduled for 9/15.